6 Activities To Build Language and Motor Skills

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It’s a rainy day and your little one is ready to run laps around the house at 7 a.m., don’t worry you’re not alone! We’ve all been there, wondered and undoubtedly engineered our very own indoor activities for our children hoping they’ll burn off excess energy and share a more relaxed evening indoors. It’s perfectly natural for all parents to go through and children to experience, and that’s why we’ve selected our favorite six indoor activities for hyperactive children.

Whether it’s a rainy day outside or everyone is just opting to spend the day inside, these games will leave you with memories, laughs and plenty of established activities for the next time everyone needs to burn off some energy.

1. Hallway Hopscotch:

First and foremost, there’s no chalk involved! Grab some open space, painter’s tape, a coin or small bean bag and an excited child for this soon-to-be family favorite. Using the painter’s tape, which is much easier to peel after the game than others, design your hopscotch grid to be as long or short and as simple or complex as you want. While you design the grid, have your young one make tape numerals for each grid, or consider making your spaces circles or feet instead of just boxes! Once you’ve made your grid and marked the number for each box in the grid, grab your young one and start hopping!

2. Indoor Snowball Showdown:

Okay, at first glance this sounds crazy, right? There’s either no snow out, or you—like most of us—don’t want to have a real snowball fight destroy and dampen your house. Well, with a bit of imagination, carefully selected space, and “snowballs,” you and your family can compete and enjoy the struggle of the good ol’ fashion snowball fight. Using clean socks, wadded paper, or nerf balls, select a room and the furniture that’s acceptable to hide behind. Send everyone to their respective start points, and then let it happen! While you may have to set a time limit, your child will have lifelong memories, and fun family grudges, after this indoor activity.

3. Bowling For Bottles:

Have you been waiting to take the recycling and haven’t got around to it? Well we’ve got the perfect way to temporarily repurpose your old plastic bottles, entertain your young and start the family bowling league in one move. Grab five to 10 empty water bottles, fill them with salt, sand, sugar, or unused litter for weight, make your triangle marking where each bottle should go, outline a lane, and start bowling your standard soccer or small ball to the family hall of fame. As an added bonus, you can have the evening activity of glow-in- the-dark bowling by adding glue sticks to your bottles!

4. Start The Scavenge:

The scavenger hunt is a classic energy expending activity that leaves everyone happy, a little worn out and planning for the next time. While the scavenger hunt is fairly straightforward, you can consider increasing the complexity for
your kids depending on their age, allowing younger and older siblings to spend time together! For your preschoolers, try using pictures to show them what they should be searching for, and for your grade-schoolers, write down an established lists of things for your child to look for but try leaving some open-ended like, “something you write with,” or “something you stir with.” Now for your older kids, especially since they may be a bit harder to entice, you’re going to have to break out the family’s tried-and- true riddles to grab their attention, stump them, and of course, pave the way for some quality family fun time. Rather than a list, try using, “something that gets wetter the more it dries,” like a towel, or “something black and white but read all over.”

5. Volleyballooning:

This activity is exactly as easy as it sounds. Blow up your favorite color balloon, grab some painter’s tape to mark the middle of the “court,” and start competing for a chance at the title of “Family’s Best Volleyballooner.” This game works great for multiple kids, just the two of you, or even as a way for your child to test their own skills and play against themselves, running back and forth across the court as they try to beat themselves. As an added difficulty, consider having you and your children play with multiple volleyballoons or give certain color balloons different rules, like blue has to be passed twice, but red balloons have to be passed three times.

6. The Dance Off:

Every family has them, sometimes they’re reserved for family reunions, but at the end of the day, it’s easily one of the most classic and time-tested ways for the whole family to burn off energy, share in some laughs and engage in the best mental medicine ever—dancing with joy. Make your favorite family-friendly playlist that reaches the youngest of your children to the oldest relative or friend in the house, grab some props like scarves, fake mics, boas, sunglasses and of course hats if they’re handy. Hit play and let the good times roll. For a small challenge, start the dance off with a warm-up game of “Freeze Dance,” where whenever the music stops you have to stop or you’re out!


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