We’re in the thick of it, it’s the holiday season! From Halloween until about Valentine’s Day, we’ll be in a revolving door of autumn and winter holidays, and you know what that means—your favorite candies and desserts!

I know what you’re thinking, so what’s the activity and what does candy have to do with it?

Well you’re in luck, it’s not just one activity it’s three that you can rotate and play throughout these colder months that will undoubtedly have an amazing impact on your child’s progress as you play together. Read More


Reinforcing Positive Behavior and Family Joy

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Parents often struggle with ways to respond to a child’s challenging behavior and ways of reinforcing positive behavior. We see our kids struggling, but we can’t quite figure out what we need to do differently. One key is to provide consistent messages when communicating with your child or redirecting their behavior. If you are inconsistent in what you allow your child to do, and the limits you set, the door is open for them to challenge you when you say “no.” Read More

Who We Are: Your Passion-Powered Partners In Education

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Have you ever wanted to know more about an organization before going and entrusting your child’s future and success to them? Of course you have! That’s completely natural!

That’s why we want to share who we are with our community. After serving San Antonio for 25 years, we’re proud to begin unveiling our expansions, amazing new materials and techniques for children, and to continue serving the city we love!

What Is Apraxia?

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You, and others around you, can’t begin to decipher what they mean or are intending to mean. Your child seems to understand language, but their sounds and syllables seem to be off. You consult a speech-language pathologist who uses the term “apraxia” as a possible reason for your child’s speech difficulties. Read More

Fun Fruit Activities For Back To School!

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The summer is winding down to a close and we’re on the edge of the school year! While it’s sad faces for some and cheers for others, we’ve found a fun, tasty activity to bring the family together while getting back on a schedule for the rest of the of the school year! Read More

Autistic child


Contributed by Jenny Wise

As a parent, keeping your kids safe is your top priority, especially in your own yard. If you’re a
parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you have some extra concerns to think about. Luckily,
there are some simple ways to keep your backyard safe, fun, and accessible for children on the
spectrum. Follow these steps to keep your whole family safe.

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