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It’s important to continue your child’s education throughout the summer, and Greater Learning’s dedicated speech-language pathologists have created an additional summer activity that you and your young one can enjoy on road trips, everyday car rides and while lounging around the house! This time we have The Alphabet Game. 

How Does The Alphabet Help?

As your child is developing, they’ll be regularly inundated with new information from school and everyday interactions. But the most critical information for success in schooling and life in general is going to be the alphabet.

Children with speech and language difficulties often have trouble recalling letters or keeping them in their proper order. Indeed, children with dyslexia often transpose letters and improperly recognize their order, like seeing “graet” rather than “great.”

Helping your child progress is easy when it’s a fun activity! This is where the Alphabet Game comes into play.

Not a singer? Can’t remember the words? Tone deaf? No problem! Impromptu songs and singing games, shared with your child in the privacy of your home or car, can actually be more rewarding and enjoyable than planned, expensive activities.

The best part is it requires nothing more than a desire to play and enjoy the captive audience of your 5-year-old.

So How Do We Play?

Naturally, we all know the typical alphabet song, but using slight variations of the game can provide long-lasting fun that helps your young one progress.

The Alternating Alphabet

In this variation, you and your child sing the traditional alphabet song but trade-off letters. So you sing the first, your child sings the second and so on until you reach the end. Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the giggles and many re-starts you’ll undoubtedly undergo! When you finally make it through, be sure to cheer with one another and maybe enjoy a summer reward like a sno-cone or ice cream!

The Alphabet Rewind

The Backwards Alphabet activity is a take on the traditional alphabet. It’s the same tune and same “lyrics,” only backwards!

Believe it or not, this game is actually more difficult for adults than it is for children, so be prepared for your young one to boast! Now when you and your child reach the end of the song, think of an alternate ending that rhymes!

Rather than sing, “Now I’ve sung my ABC’s. Next time won’t you sing with me?” try “Now I’ve sung my CBA’s, let’s enjoy our summer day!”

With nothing more than time, the alphabet, and genuine joy to play and sing with your child, you can enjoy the summer and further your child’s education in one go. So start singing, keep education thriving this summer and don’t forget to laugh!

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