4 Games To Advance Learning at Home and On the Road

Learning can be fun and easy. There are always new, fun and interesting activities to incorporate into your daily activities.

At Greater Learning, we believe that the work we do can always be complemented by the work parents do at home. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating resources that are sure to help your young one advance quickly.

Everyday things can be made into a game, like the sign game! We’ve all played it at one point or another as children or on a long road trip, but did you know that it can actually further your child’s progress? (more…)

What Are Possible Causes of Language Delay?

From infants and toddlers to 7-year-olds and adolescents, there’s no age limit to experiencing language delays and difficulties speech. Children can experience difficulties forming words, developing new words, using functional words—like was, is, or am, among others—and creating complex, multi-word sentences, or even worse, they can face difficulties in numerous areas at the same time. (more…)

Helping Your Child Develop Speech and Language Skills

Parents are often eager to help their child develop speech and language skills.  When a child is delayed in speech and language acquisition parents have a tendency to become even more anxious to help them.  Whether your child is developing skills consistent with developmental expectations or is experiencing delays knowing how to best help your child can be a challenge. (more…)

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