4 Tips To Support Reading

Naturally, we all want to provide the best opportunities and advantages for our children. We enroll them in extracurricular activities and programs, learn more about their teachers and schools to ensure they’re receiving the best available education, and try to provide all the encouragement and help possible to make sure they believe in their own potential and success. But they’re time reading with parents can be of the utmost importance for their lifelong development! (more…)

A Delicious Learning Lesson For Children

Whether school is in session or you’re prepping in the summer festivities, making lunches for your child to take to school, summer camp or any of their daily programs will always be that after-dinner activity that nags at you. After a long day, it’s easy for making lunch to slip your mind and become a de facto part of your morning routine.

But with our speech pathologists‘ fun, educational game, you can turn lunch preparation into a new activity you and your young one will look forward to day after day. (more…)

6 Activities To Build Language and Motor Skills

It’s a rainy day and your little one is ready to run laps around the house at 7 a.m., don’t worry you’re not alone! We’ve all been there, wondered and undoubtedly engineered our very own indoor activities for our children hoping they’ll burn off excess energy and share a more relaxed evening indoors. It’s perfectly natural for all parents to go through and children to experience, and that’s why we’ve selected our favorite six indoor activities for hyperactive children. (more…)

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