10 Ways To Play With Cars & Help Children

Who says playing can’t be educational? Grab your cars and let’s play! Busy parents and speech-language pathologists can utilize a single toy for multiple functions and skills during the day! Sometimes a great, easy way to help your child develop language is to find a toy or book and use it regularly. Today’s topic is cars! I bet everyone has several of them somewhere in your office or at home! (more…)

Strategies for Developing Positive Interactions With Your Child

As we continue to look at ways to develop and support positive interactions with children, we need to fist consider what things our kids need. Naturally, we have talked about some things they don’t need, like lectures, negative feedback and inconsistencies. So, what are ways we can encourage positive behavioral responses?


4 Tips For Eliciting Early Verbal Imitation

The New Year is here, and if you’re working with youngsters who are just starting to be able to verbally imitate then here are some easy tips for parents to use daily! (more…)

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