Start The Sorting Game For Home-Based Educational Fun!

With everything going on, we’re all largely at home, but we get to spend more time with our little ones! Though schools are either out or going to distance learning, educational activities don’t have to stop! At Greater Learning LP, we know that education, learning and self-improvement are continuous and don’t stop for any reason! (more…)

At-Home Physical Activity and Education Opportunities For Focused Fun!

Physical activity is a must for a healthy life just like proper nutrition! With kids out of school, the focus has been on education, but we know kids need physical activity just as much as education. Physical activity is vital for brain development, muscle input for the body, and it increases your child’s readiness for learning.
So, let’s get fit! (more…)

What to do When You’re Stuck at Home?

Cooking and Baking have always been great activities to do with kids as a way to build language skills and have fun at the same time. (more…)

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