Common COVID-19 Reactions: How to Help Children Process

For most of us, we are feeling increased stress levels as the pandemic continues to dictate the need for families to shelter in place. We are now dealing with increased stress and anxiety as our communities begin to open back up. Anxiety remains over the continued presence of people being diagnosed with COVID-19. (more…)

Keep Smiling and Laughing

With more time on my hands, I’m spending much of it reading. One of the things I read recently was the value that humor plays in combating our anxieties, and no matter what we do right now, at some level we are all experiencing anxiety. (more…)

10 Tips To Survive Shelter-In-Place With Children

Greater Learning’s 10 tips to survive shelter-in-place with children and have fun while building bonds together! Families are faced with new challenges as we as a nation are sheltering in place and trying to figure out ways to meet those challenges. I recently had the opportunity to watch a webinar by Dean and author Julie Lythcott-Haimes and author Debbie Reber. They provided some great tips to help families at this time. (more…)

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