Learning can be fun and easy. There are always new, fun and interesting activities to incorporate into your daily activities.

At Greater Learning, we believe that the work we do can always be complemented by the work parents do at home. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating resources that are sure to help your young one advance quickly.

Everyday things can be made into a game, like the sign game! We’ve all played it at one point or another as children or on a long road trip, but did you know that it can actually further your child’s progress?

Enjoy these four fun sign activities for you and your child to play on a day-to-day basis!

1. The Alphabet Game Simple and easy, the alphabet game can literally be played anywhere at anytime. The goal is simple – find each letter of the alphabet, in order, wherever it is seen. You can include road signs, vehicle license plates, billboards, magazines, or anything else you may encounter throughout your day. You can switch it up and take turns with your child or start from the letter “Z” and work your way backwards. Customize the game to your preference, and you’ll find you and your child will be both entertained and advancing them simultaneously.

2. The Name Game There’s no greater joy as a child than noticing your name on a street sign, billboard advertisement or even a novelty keychain. But the educational aspect of this joy is limitless. Have your child spot the letters in the order that they appear in their name. If they’ve already done this, have them use your name, a favorite cartoon character’s or even a pet’s name!

3. Which Word? Language is one of the greatest gifts and inventions, and there seems to be a million words that we can employ to tell a story, share our feelings or just describe the day. Have your child choose their favorite word, or their favorite few words, and find the letters that spell them in order in their everyday surroundings.

4. Bingo! That’s right you can even incorporate the age old game of bingo into your child’s learning process. You may think how? Won’t it be difficult? Not even in the slightest. For word bingo, create cards in advance of and place the columns of letters in a random order, or if you’re on a road trip to your favorite vacation spot, have your child keep the cards and mark an “X” through the letter they see on your family vacation. Winning is just like classic bingo. Your child has to win with letters in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row. For an added challenge, play so that your child has to “blackout,” or completely cover the card, by marking all the letters on the card until it’s completely covered.

Learning never stops, and it can always be fun! Start incorporating these four games into you and your child’s daily routine, and you’ll start noticing their improvement in no time. At Greater Learning, we believe education and improvement never stops, and with these tools, you’ll be on your way to advancing your child’s learning on a daily basis.

For more great tips, learning strategies, or to arrange an appointment and learn about more ways to advance your child’s skills, visit Greater Learning! We’re partners with you for your child’s advancement.

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