Speech Language Pathology


Your brain is better on music. Here are 7 areas that our music based The Listening Program® (TLP) can influence, to help your student succeed at school and in life.

Executive Function:

Every student faces new situations requiring high-level mental processes; to regulate their behavior, anticipate outcomes and adapt to changing situations, while they are also learning new information.

TLP Targets:

Attention, memory, behavior, organization, self-control and time management.


As a student navigates their day, they need to be effective communicators; through verbal and written expression as well as non-verbal gestures, facial expressions and body language.

TLP Engages:

Verbal and reading comprehension, oral & written communication, voice quality, understanding body language and being understood by others.

Auditory Processing:

When your student is unable to understand and make sense of what they hear, it will negatively impact learning, thinking, communication and relationships.

TLP Trains:

Listening, following verbal directions, focusing with background noise, comfort with sound, understanding tone of voice, and sound discrimination.

Social & Emotional:

We all want our students to develop positive relationships with their peers & teachers. Developing their social skills and emotional intelligence is a crucial part of their educational experience.

TLP Encourages:

Self-confidence, compassion, social interactions, interpersonal relationships, mood regulation and conflict resolution.

Stress Response:

When a student’s brain and body are constantly on edge because of an inability to manage stress, it’s nearly impossible to learn.

TLP Supports:

Stress reduction, relaxation, a lower tension level, better sleep, and the reduction of nervous habits.

Motor Coordination:

The harmonious functioning of fine and gross motor skills allows mental space for learning.

TLP Enables:

Balance, body awareness, coordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and activity level.

Creative Expression:

The joy a student experiences when they can express themselves creatively, whether verbally, through written form or creative imaginative projects, all provide numerous opportunities for growth.

TLP Inspires:

Innovation, problem solving, visual arts, musicality, creative writing, and open thinking.

If you have any questions about any of these 7 ways, we’re here to answer your questions. You can call us at 210.349.1415 or email us for more information!

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