10 Tips Survive Shelter In Place With Children


Greater Learning’s 10 tips to survive shelter-in-place with children and have fun while building bonds together! Families are faced with new challenges as we as a nation are sheltering in place and trying to figure out ways to meet those challenges. I recently had the opportunity to watch a webinar by Dean and author Julie Lythcott-Haimes and author Debbie Reber. They provided some great tips to help families at this time. Read More

Start The Sorting Game For Home-Based Educational Fun!

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With everything going on, we’re all largely at home, but we get to spend more time with our little ones! Though schools are either out or going to distance learning, educational activities don’t have to stop! At Greater Learning LP, we know that education, learning and self-improvement are continuous and don’t stop for any reason! Read More

Physical Activity


Physical activity is a must for a healthy life just like proper nutrition! With kids out of school, the focus has been on education, but we know kids need physical activity just as much as education. Physical activity is vital for brain development, muscle input for the body, and it increases your child’s readiness for learning.
So, let’s get fit! Read More


At Greater Learning, we often hear parents tell us that their child is bothered by loud noises. While true, a child’s sensitivity to loud noises can unfortunately cause problems in social settings like school, family gatherings or anywhere in public. Noise sensitivity makes it hard for children to remain seated in noisy restaurants, participate in parties, or truly pay attention to what a
teacher is saying. Some children can be so affected they avoid using restrooms in public due to the noise from flushing or hand dryers. Read More

Fun Fruit Activities For Back To School!

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The summer has come to a close and we’re back in the swing of the school year! While it’s sad faces for some and cheers for others, we’ve found a fun, tasty activity to bring the family together while getting back on a schedule for the rest of the of the school year! Read More