Green Oil Rush: 5 Facts You Need To Know

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The green wave, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is rushing across the country, but the more prominent, beneficial wave of CBD is taking people and holistic doctors by storm for the better! Unfortunately, there’s been an unwarranted stigma around CBD because of miseducation and ambiguous facts. The truth is, CBD is incredibly helpful for children, adults and pets for an array of issues! Here are our 5 facts to dispel rumors and false knowledge around CBD so you can start making educated choices on using it for yourself and your family.

  1. THC and CBD Are Not the Same
    THC and CBD have very different purposes. Marijuana and Hemp are sister plants but very different. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.  CBD is the active ingredient in Hemp. THC binds with your brain’s cannabinoid receptors to create a high. CBD on the other hand binds with cannabinoid receptors through the body which creates the healing effect.  People can’t get high from taking CBD. Rest assured that if you are taking pure CBD oil you’re not ingesting marijuana.


  2. Not All CBD Is Equal
    Be sure you do a careful review of CBD oil before you make a purchase. Certain CBD products are higher quality than others. Read reviews and learn as much as you can about a product to make sure you’re taking the best possible CBD products. It has been proven that Hempworx CBD oil is one of the purest and most effective CBD oils on the market!  If you have questions, ask me our about CBD quality and how it can help to improve your life!
  3. CBD Oil Is Not Cheap
    CBD oils can be expensive, and insurance typically doesn’t cover it, though the benefits of a non-pharmaceutical can outweigh the cost. The cost will vary depending on the CBD product and where you get. Hempworx is one of the most affordable CBD’s out there.


  4. CBD Oil Can Make A Difference for Children
    More and more, parents are seeing the benefits of CBD oil for children with autism, sensory processing disorders, attention issues, anxiety and a whole host of issues that this natural, plant-based medicine can help remedy. The evidence shows that kids can genuinely benefit from CBD oil to relieve their negative symptoms.
  5. CBD Oil Can Make a Difference for Pets
    The effects of CBD are similar in humans, dogs, cats, and other pets. Pets just like humans, also have an endocannabinoid system that functions much in the same way as the human ECS. Many of the conditions, like anxiety, arthritis, pain, and convulsions, manifest much in the same way in pets as they do in humans. The most common CBD benefits for pets are: Powerful Painkiller, Anti-convulsant , Anti-Inflammatory,  Stress Reliever,  Anti-emetic,  Anti-cancer Effects, and Promotes Homeostasis.


Want to know more about how Hempworx CBD? Contact us and we’ll will help guide you in the right direction for the right product for you and your family’s health.

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