With health concerns on the rise due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re all continuing to identify natural ways to fight the virus, bolster our immune systems and protect our family’s immunities should we be exposed to Covid-19 through work or while interacting in the world. This is where thieves oil helps your immune system!

As with anything, everyone has tips, tricks and advice on what supplements, foods, spices or essences may work best. Though there are tried-and-true tools that have been shown to help our body’s natural defenses. Many of these natural solutions can be found in our diet or essential oils that help your immune system.

Caring for children and serving families across San Antonio has led us to offer options that parents, guardians and educators can safely use to help protect their immune systems! Given that essential oils are natural and long-standing, selections thieves oil can help protect your family without having to get too into the weeds on medicine!

Thieves Oil is an essential oil that helps your immune system. This unique blend of oils has been around since the days of the Bubonic Plague in England! Thieves oil was actually found to be a specific curation of natural oils used by thieves in England to protect them from the plague when they were stealing from the sick and dying. Thieves oil contains antibacterial effectiveness against airborne microorganisms, and it’s been used for years as an antiviral, antiseptic to protect the body from the flu and colds. Essential oils, like Thieves oil, can be applied daily to support your immune system and support better rest at night.

To learn more about Thieves oil, or other affordable essential oil options, contact Greater Learning to view our selection of Young Living products and solutions. You can call Greater Learning at 210.349.1415 or visit us at greaterlearninglp.com.

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