Fun Fruit Activities For Back To School!

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The summer has come to a close and we’re back in the swing of the school year! While it’s sad faces for some and cheers for others, we’ve found a fun, tasty activity to bring the family together while getting back on a schedule for the rest of the of the school year!

So grab your favorite fruits, parents handle the knife and if you have a cute apron for your child, get them dressed and get ready to share some laughs!

Going back to school means there will be plenty of in-school and after school snacks. While there are plenty of store bought options, which are sometimes the easiest, one of the more fun ways to spend time together while furthering your child’s education can come at snack time with this scrumptious salad!

In only 20 minutes, you and your child will have made a healthy fruit salad snack while also having fun and teaching them skills at the same time. To turn this everyday activity of preparing a fruit salad into a lesson, start with categorization! Go to the grocery store and pick out all of the fruit you’ll enjoy in the salad!

When you get home work with your child to cut up all of the fruit and then let the fun begin! Spend time talking with your child about the different ways to cut fruit, which fruits have seeds on the outside vs. the inside, what type of plant each fruit grows on and use different labels for the parts of the fruit, like the peel/skin, seeds, pits, pulp and stem.

Ask your child questions to expand their thinking and their ability to express themselves.

● What are the different colors?
● Which colors should we put in the fruit salad first?
● What are the different shapes of the fruit?
● Can you count 10 grapes, 5 apple slices, 3 strawberries?

While you may not think it’ll make a huge impact, you’ll be helping your child further their skills in categorization, color identification, number concepts, expanding vocabulary and understanding similarities and differences while supporting good nutrition.

Want to know the best part?

You’ll be doing it together all while having fun sharing time together and building language skills in what undoubtedly be another undoubtedly busy school year!

Want more family fun activities? Look for more blogs that we’ll have throughout the year on educational activities you can do together to help your child while creating quality time!

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